Two Chiefs Games, Two Storm Systems


Good Sunday bloggers,

We have two Chiefs games and two main storms systems to track the next five days. There is a weak storm system tonight coming south from the northern Plains, but it will have almost no impact and we are not counting this system as one to track.

It has been robbed of moisture from the . . . → Read More: Two Chiefs Games, Two Storm Systems

Calmer this Weekend, Two Storm Systems Next Week


Good Saturday bloggers,

This is the first weekend since November 10-11 that we are not tracking snow. Now, it did snow 1/2″ on November 12th. So, really you can go back to the weekend of November 3-4 since we did not track snow during a weekend.

A large storm this weekend, that earlier in the week we thought . . . → Read More: Calmer this Weekend, Two Storm Systems Next Week

Winter Begins In Two Weeks: Today’s Video Blog


Good morning bloggers,

While Oklahoma has a nightmare for the meteorologists that have been attempting to predict what will happen with this storm, Kansas City has it easier this weekend.  We have already had 8.3″ inches of snow, and have been hit by a major winter storm/blizzard back on November 25th.  In my experience with the LRC . . . → Read More: Winter Begins In Two Weeks: Today’s Video Blog

A Tough Forecast For Oklahoma


Good evening bloggers,

It snowed again in Kansas City today.  0.2″ accumulated at KCI Airport with our official total today.  This puts KC up to 8.3″ for the season. Today was Kansas City’s seventh accumulation of the season so far, which included the earliest recorded accumulation in KC history on October 14th when 0.2″ also fell at . . . → Read More: A Tough Forecast For Oklahoma

Snow In The Morning


7:30 AM Update:

I will write up a new blog later today. For now, here is an update.  Take a look at Gower, just north of KC:

Over an inch has been reported just east of Gower, MO.  The snow band has increased over the KC metro area as well as you can see below:

Temperatures are dropping, so . . . → Read More: Snow In The Morning

The Sun Returns During This Cold Weather Pattern


Good morning bloggers,

The month began with dense fog, lightning, thunder, heavy rain, snow, graupel, and cold.  In Kansas City we had precipitation fall the first four days of the month and we are already at 1.00″ liquid, and it has snowed 0.3″ after 0.1″ was recorded yesterday, so this total below needs to be updated to . . . → Read More: The Sun Returns During This Cold Weather Pattern

Is This A Wet Pattern Or A Dry Pattern?

Version 2

Good morning bloggers,

As we continue to wrap our weather minds into this year cycling pattern there are a few glaring and not so glaring things to think about.  Glaring Definition:  giving out or reflecting a strong dazzling light, highly obvious or conspicuous.  So, maybe I shouldn’t use the term glaring, since we are still figuring this . . . → Read More: Is This A Wet Pattern Or A Dry Pattern?

It Was The Coldest KC November, Now What?


Good morning bloggers,

Kansas City set the record for the coldest November ever in recorded history.  35.6° is the average temperature for November. The average temperature is calculated by adding up all of the high temperatures and low temperatures and then dividing by 60:

7.6″ of snow fell during the month with the coldest temperature of 9 degrees. . . . → Read More: It Was The Coldest KC November, Now What?

More Chances of Snow


Good Sunday bloggers,

It is another Sunday and it’s another Sunday with snow. Today, however, is a completely different animal than last week. A strong storm that ripped out into the Plains Friday, producing severe weather from Oklahoma to Illinois and a snowstorm in Nebraska and northwest Iowa is now weakening and headed to the Great Lakes. . . . → Read More: More Chances of Snow

Strong Plains Storm System


Good Saturday bloggers,

One of the wilder Novembers is over and since this is the first of December, it is November statistics day.

The average temperature was 35.6°, which was 8 degrees below average. This is the coldest November ever recorded (35.9° 1976, 36.5°, 2000) and we had 7.6″ of snow which is the second snowiest November ever . . . → Read More: Strong Plains Storm System