The Week Ahead and Changing Pattern


Good Sunday bloggers,

It is hard to believe it is about to become October and today is the last Royals game of the season, time is flying. As we head into October a new and unique weather pattern will begin to evolve. And, right on schedule before the next seven days are over, we may have witnessed . . . → Read More: The Week Ahead and Changing Pattern

Tough Weekend Forecast and Drought Update


Good Saturday bloggers,

We have had a few showers overnight with most of the rain, trace to .25″, south of I-70. We had a cold front move through Friday and it has put all locations in the 40s. This front will head north today and then stall in the area. This is going to make for a . . . → Read More: Tough Weekend Forecast and Drought Update

The Changing Pattern

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.14.11 AM

Good morning bloggers,

I will say it again, we are in a massively changing pattern. This next ten day stretch is when the new LRC takes over and we say good bye to the old pattern.  I already know, if you live near KC, that we are all ready for something new and different.  This was the worst . . . → Read More: The Changing Pattern

A Challenging Weekend Forecast


Good morning bloggers,

The sun sets at the North Pole on the Autumnal Equinox, which happened Saturday night.  It is then twilight at the North Pole for the next two weeks before it becomes dark for months.  Total darkness happens a few weeks later in NovemberAnd, the old pattern gets wiped out and the new pattern truly . . . → Read More: A Challenging Weekend Forecast

It’s Getting Dry Again

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.11.27 AM

Good morning bloggers,

We have almost made it through a year of the worst pattern ever, in my opinion. The pattern that brought us very little snow with many very small snowfalls is almost over. The pattern that created drought conditions over our region that bordered on the exceptional category is almost over.  The pattern that has . . . → Read More: It’s Getting Dry Again

Much Cooler Air Arrives This Afternoon


Good morning bloggers,

A cold front is approaching. It will move through this afternoon, and before the sun sets tonight it will be dropping into the lower 60s or upper 50s, then down into the 40s by morning.  Here is a look at the temperature forecast at 2 PM today:

There will be a chance of rain and . . . → Read More: Much Cooler Air Arrives This Afternoon

A Cold Front and a Stationary Front


Good Monday bloggers,

WOW! What a weekend in Kansas City. We had the Billy Joel concert, the Plaza Art Fair, many, many other events and a tremendous Chiefs game.  The weather was spectacular for all the events. Now, we are tracking some changes. A cold front will move across the area Tuesday and then we have an . . . → Read More: A Cold Front and a Stationary Front

Tuesday Cold Front


Good Sunday bloggers,

The day Chiefs fans have been waiting a long time for has arrived. Patrick Mahomes at home. The weather looks great for the Chiefs, last day of the Plaza Art Fair and first full day of Fall.

We are tracking a cold front that arrives Tuesday, so let’s go through the sequence of events today . . . → Read More: Tuesday Cold Front

Fall Begins at 8:54 PM

Seasons sun and earth

Good Saturday bloggers,

Fall begins at 8:54 PM tonight and the weather is following suit. We have dropped into the 40s this morning, officially, for the first time since April 29th.

What is going on with the Earth and Sun on this day? The sun is shining directly on the equator as its direct rays head south for . . . → Read More: Fall Begins at 8:54 PM

A Massive Change In The Weather Pattern In Around Two Weeks


Good morning bloggers,

What we have all been waiting for will arrive in around 15 more days. The pattern we are currently in is the old pattern that set up last October.  It was the worst pattern ever, in my opinion, for the Kansas City region for enjoying the results and fulfillment of our weather hobbies. Again, . . . → Read More: A Massive Change In The Weather Pattern In Around Two Weeks