It Came Close To 100 Degrees Yesterday


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Today may be the day that KCI Airport finally ends an almost five-year streak of below 100 degrees.  We will look into the pattern which has been a difficult topic to explain and describe as we have suggested in this blog many times in this pattern.  Discussing KC weather is a challenge in some . . . → Read More: It Came Close To 100 Degrees Yesterday

Some Chances For Rain Are Showing Up


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The heat has built a bit stronger today, and it was 98 degrees at just after 3 PM this afternoon. We are just 2 degrees away from what hasn’t happened in almost five years at KCI Airport:

There is an air quality Ozone Alert today, as the winds are light and pollution is settling near . . . → Read More: Some Chances For Rain Are Showing Up

Heat Wave #3 Has Started


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Let’s begin with the break of the heat wave. There is a good chance of a cold front moving across the area this weekend which will bring some nice relief in around 6 to 7 days.  Between now and then it will be quite hot and KCI Airport will make a run at its . . . → Read More: Heat Wave #3 Has Started

Heat Wave #3 Is About To Begin & Hurricane Season


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Kansas City is about to have its 3rd heat wave of the season:

Heat Wave #1:  96° on June 14th, 95° on June 15th – June 17th
Heat Wave #2:  99° on June 28, 97° on June 29th, and 96° on June 30th
Heat Wave #3:  Begins This Week and it will approach 100 degrees, a number . . . → Read More: Heat Wave #3 Is About To Begin & Hurricane Season

Wonderful Weekend Weather


Good Saturday bloggers,

The good news is that drier air is moving in from the east as a surface high pressure is located over the Great Lakes. So, we are in for some great weather this weekend. The bad news is that there is no rain in the forecast. If we can’t get rain, at least it . . . → Read More: Wonderful Weekend Weather

The Heat Returns, The Rain Does Not


Good Sunday bloggers,

I hope you had a chance to take in the morning lows in the 50s and low 60s, because the heat and humidity is on our doorstep. The next 5-7 days will have no shortage of heat, but a major shortage of rain as the same old pattern continues to cycle.

Let’s go through the . . . → Read More: The Heat Returns, The Rain Does Not

One Of The Stranger Droughts


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A cold front moved through the central plains on Thursday and it is continuing to push south this morning.  Only a spotty area of thunderstorms developed just southeast of downtown KC around 5 PM Thursday.  Lightning struck a person working on a roof on the southeast side of the KC metro area, and this . . . → Read More: One Of The Stranger Droughts

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These Pictures Tell The Story

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.45.28 AM

Good morning bloggers,

We may be about out of ways to explain how we will get missed. We are around 275 days into this pattern, and 275 days into explaining why we have chances of rain and snow, and it may rain or snow, but it will only be a little bit, or it may miss us………..How . . . → Read More: These Pictures Tell The Story

A Hot 4th Of July Holiday!

A Hot 4th Of July Holiday

Happy Independence Day Bloggers,

I hope everyone has a safe holiday.  In yesterdays blog we discussed the drought.  And, KC is now officially in at least a short term drought based on the latest drought monitor from the Climate Prediction Center.  There has been just enough rain to keep the grass green, . . . → Read More: A Hot 4th Of July Holiday!