Enjoy the Next Few Comfortable Mornings


Good Tuesday bloggers,

We had another day where there were a few downpours, but coverage was less that 10%. We are on the western fringe of a departing storm system that brought tons of rain to the Plains, but not in our area. It is amazing how the storm has organized to the east and is bringing . . . → Read More: Enjoy the Next Few Comfortable Mornings

Houston…We Have a Problem


Good Monday bloggers,

We have seen one round of rain after another miss eastern Kansas and northern Missouri. Look at these radar estimated rainfall totals since July 25th.

Rainfall amounts have ranged from 2″ to 7″ from western Nebraska to Oklahoma. The drought has been obliterated from these locations.

Here are the rainfall totals closer to KC, south of . . . → Read More: Houston…We Have a Problem

Dwindling Rain Chances


Good Sunday bloggers,

Once again we had a rain event last night where the main rain tracked well southwest of our area. Scattered showers and thunderstorms occurred across eastern Kansas and western Missouri. We have another chance of rain later tonight and Monday, but it is looking like another scattered event. After this chance, it is looking . . . → Read More: Dwindling Rain Chances

Still a Struggle for Rain


Good Saturday bloggers,

The weather pattern this weekend is set up for several rounds of widespread rain. This is occurring across the Plains, but not in our area. This is one odd weather pattern. One of the reasons is that the dew points are in the 50s and low 60s. This is how a drought can form. . . . → Read More: Still a Struggle for Rain

Sunny’s Rain Dance


Good morning bloggers,

Sunny The Weather Dog was caught in action this morning doing a rain dance. I think it is going to work for the south KC metro area. Farther north and east, in the middle of the worsening drought, is the lease likely area to see rain today.

The area of rain was increasing, with a . . . → Read More: Sunny’s Rain Dance

On The Edge Again

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 7.47.59 AM

Good morning bloggers,

While Pennsylvania goes under water with major flooding, the southwest is sizzling with record highs. Phoenix was 115 degrees yesterday and Tucson was 109, both records. The high of 94° in downtown Los Angeles was also a record as the drought continues over the southwest.  In the heartland, well, we are on the edge . . . → Read More: On The Edge Again

The Jet Stream Is Reaching Its Weakest Position

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.43.37 AM

Good morning bloggers,

It’s Friday!!  Here we go again. More rain chances, and the drought strengthens.  Here is the drought monitor that came out yesterday.

The drought that is being experienced near Kansas City is expanding as we move deeper into summer. What is so fascinating is that it ended over parts of southwestern Kansas during the past . . . → Read More: The Jet Stream Is Reaching Its Weakest Position

The Daily Search for Rain


Good Tuesday bloggers,

The new data is rolling in and there are going to be rain chances Thursday-Sunday as a series of disturbances track in from the northwest. A front will be wavering across the Plains as well. So, these features will produce rain and thunderstorms, but as we know there are going to be locations that . . . → Read More: The Daily Search for Rain

Looking Into Developing Late Week Rain Chances & Cooler Weather


Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern continues to cycle regularly and this next part of the pattern is right on schedule.  Plotting the 500 mb chart is usually done by drawing in the 540 line and the 570 line.  Do you know what I mean by the 540 and 570 lines?  This chart below shows the flow . . . → Read More: Looking Into Developing Late Week Rain Chances & Cooler Weather

Could We Dent the Drought?


Good Sunday bloggers,

We have talked about how the rain last week was nice, but the significant amounts were in relatively low coverage. So, there were a few localized areas that saw a drought reduction, but overall the drought remains steady. The only way to seriously dent the drought is to have widespread rain over 1″-2″. A . . . → Read More: Could We Dent the Drought?