More Thunderstorm Chances, More of the Same?

Penner White Water

Good Saturday bloggers,

I was on vacation in Colorado and a had a great time. I went whitewater rafting for the first time and zip lined over the Royal Gorge, my first time zip lining. It was also firsts for my wife and son. Skyler said this trip has changed him. #thistriphaschangedme. We had a blast!

When I . . . → Read More: More Thunderstorm Chances, More of the Same?

Is It Going To Happen Again?


Good morning bloggers,

There is another chance of a big drink of water for our lawns showing up later this weekend.  Let’s look at four computer model outputs, and then open up the discussion below.  We will start with the NAM, with the second model being the GFS, then the Canadian model, and finally the European Model:


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Is Climate Change Real? Answer: Yes!


Good morning bloggers,

Summer began at 5:09 AM central time today, and it will be a cooler first day of summer. Today, since I am in flight to Los Angeles for the day, I will do a quick blog, but open up the dialogue. Go to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation by clicking here:  . . . → Read More: Is Climate Change Real? Answer: Yes!

Another Hit Or Miss


Good morning bloggers,

Here we are on the last day of spring, and a storm system is moving our way.  It has happened again, although a few of us did receive a really nice thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.  As you can see below, there were many spots that did not even receive one drop of rain:

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Afternoon Rain


Good afternoon bloggers,

Well, 1″ of rain just fell near KCI Airport.  The amounts are varying, so how much did you receive from this first wave. This is the first wave of energy around the first day of summer storm that is approaching.

The storm is shown above by the arrows I showed on the water vapor satellite . . . → Read More: Afternoon Rain

A Summer Storm On The First Day Of Summer


Good morning bloggers,

Over the weekend we discussed “A strong LRC argument for a wet week ahead”.  The weather pattern is cycling and there is tremendous organization to what seems like chaos in the river of air flowing across the Northern Hemisphere.  You can learn more about by clicking here and reading the peer reviewed paper:  Cycling . . . → Read More: A Summer Storm On The First Day Of Summer

A Strong LRC Argument For It Getting Wet Next Week

Cycle Comparisons Cycles 1 and 6

Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern is cycling as described by the LRC.  We started this blog in 2002, and we began sharing my hypothesis with the bloggers, some of whom have been reading the blog from the start.  If you remember, I called it “the theory”, or my theory.  The early bloggers saw that there was . . . → Read More: A Strong LRC Argument For It Getting Wet Next Week

The Second Half Of July Will Be Interesting


Good morning bloggers,

“Interesting” is something we have had almost non stop with this pattern. “Frustrating” is what we have experienced if you live near KC.  So, Interesting and Frustrating has been the theme since this pattern started in October.  There have been many times, from October through today, where we have had models shown some exciting . . . → Read More: The Second Half Of July Will Be Interesting

Heating Up & Looking For Moisture

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.06.04 AM

Good morning bloggers,

Temperatures will be heating up the next few days.  It hasn’t hit 100° officially at KCI Airport since September 8, 2013.  I thought for sure it would happen last summer, but it always fell short. I believe the hottest temperature a year ago was 98°.  Will we do it this summer? It will likely . . . → Read More: Heating Up & Looking For Moisture

Where Is The Rain?


Good morning bloggers,

When this weather pattern set up last October it didn’t seem that it was going to be this bad.  Looking back, the signs were there by the end of November.  But, to predict how the drought set up and expanded in a strange way from the southwestern United States to a narrowing point over . . . → Read More: Where Is The Rain?