A Cold Front is on the Way


Good Saturday bloggers,

Today will be the third straight day with a high above 95°, which means we are having our second heat wave of the season. This will be a three day heat wave as a cold front arrives later tonight and drifts through Sunday. We will have a chance of thunderstorms, but as usual, not . . . → Read More: A Cold Front is on the Way

Heat Wave #2


Good afternoon bloggers,

It was 99° yesterday officially at KCI Airport. So, the streak continues.  There is a decent chance of a few thunderstorms by Sunday morning, but the chance is seemingly getting less and less as this system approaches. The last inch of rain in KC happened around 46 to 47 days before Sunday, so, it . . . → Read More: Heat Wave #2

1753, 1604, 42


Good Wednesday bloggers,

An almost five year streak may break today.  The numbers, in the title of this blog, represent weather streaks ongoing in Kansas City (officially). It has been almost 5 years since we reached 100°. This streak may end Thursday, but it will take a drop in the dew points to do so. The drier . . . → Read More: 1753, 1604, 42

Wow! Crazy Weather Day


Good Tuesday night or Wednesday morning bloggers,

We went from partly cloudy, warm and humid at 11 AM to major thunderstorms 12-1 PM to sunny by 2 PM. The worst of the thunderstorms occurred south of I-70. The thunderstorms were moving east-southeast at 60 mph! The most damage occurred in Jackson county and there was a brief . . . → Read More: Wow! Crazy Weather Day

At Least It Is Raining, But, It Did Happen Again

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 6.07.10 AM

Good morning bloggers,

A weakening area of rain with a few embedded thunderstorms was spinning across eastern Kansas early on this Monday morning.   Take a look:

This rather large complex of rain and thunderstorms was weakening as it moved into KC.  It does appear it will hold together long enough to provide a nice drink of water . . . → Read More: At Least It Is Raining, But, It Did Happen Again

Several Chances of Thunderstorms, but this is 2018!


Good Sunday bloggers,

Well we had another night where large clusters of thunderstorms missed our area. They have been tracking from eastern Colorado to eastern Oklahoma, reducing drought conditions in those locations. We may see a few showers and thunderstorms today, but our best chance is later tonight.

Let’s go through our latest thinking.

Early Sunday morning we were . . . → Read More: Several Chances of Thunderstorms, but this is 2018!

More Thunderstorm Chances, More of the Same?

Penner White Water

Good Saturday bloggers,

I was on vacation in Colorado and a had a great time. I went whitewater rafting for the first time and zip lined over the Royal Gorge, my first time zip lining. It was also firsts for my wife and son. Skyler said this trip has changed him. #thistriphaschangedme. We had a blast!

When I . . . → Read More: More Thunderstorm Chances, More of the Same?

Is It Going To Happen Again?


Good morning bloggers,

There is another chance of a big drink of water for our lawns showing up later this weekend.  Let’s look at four computer model outputs, and then open up the discussion below.  We will start with the NAM, with the second model being the GFS, then the Canadian model, and finally the European Model:


The . . . → Read More: Is It Going To Happen Again?

Is Climate Change Real? Answer: Yes!


Good morning bloggers,

Summer began at 5:09 AM central time today, and it will be a cooler first day of summer. Today, since I am in flight to Los Angeles for the day, I will do a quick blog, but open up the dialogue. Go to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation by clicking here:  . . . → Read More: Is Climate Change Real? Answer: Yes!

Another Hit Or Miss


Good morning bloggers,

Here we are on the last day of spring, and a storm system is moving our way.  It has happened again, although a few of us did receive a really nice thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.  As you can see below, there were many spots that did not even receive one drop of rain:

This map above . . . → Read More: Another Hit Or Miss