Record Heat and Alberto’s Effect

Good Sunday bloggers,

I hope your Memorial day weekend is going well. We broke a record high on Saturday with a high of 93°. St. Joseph was 102°, smashing the old record set in 1967 of 94°. The record for KC today is 94° set in 2006 and we will come close, tie or even break it.

Yesterday, we talked about how the main jet stream is in Canada which is frustrating storm chasers and keeping widespread rain and thunderstorms away. The jet stream will come farther south this week and thunderstorm chances will increase, but Alberto tracking north into the Midwest may keep our area from seeing decent rainfall. I will explain below.

I captured this shot at about 6 AM Sunday and thought it was one of the more fascinating sunrises. There were a few showers and thunderstorms from Carrollton to Odessa. The sun enhanced the cumulonimbus clouds and since they were high based you could really make out the rain shafts. This is the kind of rain this weather pattern can support. Remember, it is, on average, the wettest time of year, so it is hard to keep all hours dry this weekend.


SUNDAY: It will be hot and humid with some cumulus clouds. A few may build into cumulonimbus clouds and become thunderstorms. This will most likely occur across central, southern and eastern Missouri. But, still keep an eye to the sky. Highs will be 90°-95°. The record for KC is 94° in 2006 and the record for St. Joseph is 93° set in 2006 and 1966.  These will likely be tied or broken today.


MEMORIAL DAY: It will be the same song and dance with highs in the 90s and a slight chance for a brief, small shower or thunderstorm. It may be a few degrees cooler as we have a few more clouds, but still it will be pretty steamy.


Alberto will be making landfall in the Florida panhandle on Memorial day. It will track north into the eastern Midwest by Tuesday and Wednesday and may play a role in our weather.


TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: We may see a few thunderstorms on Tuesday, but it will be another mostly dry, warm and humid day. Then, Tuesday night a disturbance will head east out of the Rockies generating a nice area of rain and thunderstorms in the western Plains. 9 out of 10 years at the end of May this area of rain would march across the state bringing our area a nice, widespread .50″-2″ of rain. However, this time it may be different. Alberto, on this data, is moving north through Illinois. There is always sinking air around these tropical systems. This track of Alberto puts us in the sinking air, so as the thunderstorms approach from the west, they would fall apart.


WEDNESDAY: This data takes the big area of rain and thunderstorms into our area and breaks it in to pieces as it interacts with sinking air of Alberto. Alberto is in northern Illinois, also falling apart. Now, this is not set in stone, because if Alberto ends up 1-2 states farther east, then we will see the bigger area of rain and thunderstorms hold together for our benefit. There is no chance that Alberto will come far enough west to bring us rain directly.


Have a great rest of your Memorial day weekend.

Please don’t drink and drive (cars and boats)

Jeff Penner

Heat, Humidity, Few T-Storms, Alberto

Good Memorial day weekend bloggers,

The weather pattern is set up this weekend for our region to be mostly dry, hot and humid. A few thunderstorms are possible this evening and we will look at that in a moment.

Here is a look at the forecast for the Memorial day weekend.


As we said above the weather pattern is set up for our region to be mostly dry, hot and humid as the main jet stream is located across Canada. This prevents tornado alley from seeing widespread and organized severe thunderstorms. Now, that being said, a weak upper level trough is located over the western USA and this will bring a weak southwest flow to the northern Plains. So, the northern Rockies to northern Plains will see a few rounds of heavy thunderstorms and some severe weather. A few of those thunderstorms may affect western Kansas.

Alberto will be affecting the northern Gulf coast as a tropical storm. Flooding is possible to likely along and north of the Gulf coast as not only will Alberto arrive, but there is copious tropical moisture and disturbances north of Alberto.

The southern/central Plains to the Great Lakes are caught in the middle with generally sinking air. This means hot, humid and mostly dry conditions for the holiday weekend.


This is, on average, the wettest weekend of the year, so it is tough to keep rain totally out of the forecast. Today is one of those days. There is a weak surface trough lying west-east across northern Missouri along with a small disturbance or two tracking south. These features generated a few small thunderstorms this morning in northern Missouri that tracked south into central Missouri. This afternoon a few new showers and thunderstorms will form in northern Missouri, then drop south, farther west.

If you are out and about, on a lake or in a pool between 3 PM and 10 PM keep an eye to the sky. This is the kind of set up where weather conditions can change rapidly. You can go from sunny and hot to a thunderstorm very quickly. These thunderstorms can pack a punch for about 15 minutes with very heavy rain, frequent lightning, a gust of wind and a temperature drop into the 70s, if not 60s. So, being on a lake or in a pool when one of these thunderstorms move in, is not wise.


After 10 PM the showers and thunderstorms will dissipate. The rest of the night will be dry, mild and humid with lows 65°-70°.

SUNDAY-MEMORIAL DAY: The chance of a thunderstorm is under 10% as the little boundary from today will be gone. Basically these days will be hot and humid with highs 90°-95° along with a few afternoon clouds. A shower or T-Storm may briefly form from one of the clouds. Lows on Memorial day will be 65°-70°.


The pattern will become a bit more active Tuesday-Friday as the jet stream heads south. The best chance for widespread thunderstorms is Wednesday-Thursday.

Have a safe and happy Memorial day weekend.

Please don’t drink and drive.

Thank you to all the veterans.

Jeff Penner

Friday Morning Thunderstorms

Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern is rather fascinating this morning.  As a tropical storm is about to form over the southern Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan Peninsula coast in the next couple of days, Kansas has experienced a couple of slow moving upper level disturbances drifting across the Sunflower state.  At 9 PM last night, seen below, there were two of these disturbances. One of them was over southeastern Kansas and weakening, while a very well formed one, that appeared to have a little “eye” in the middle was over western Kansas.

Radar 4 PM Yesterday

While you were sleeping, this disturbance drifted east and by 4:30 AM, the western Kansas system had sent an outflow boundary east all the way to Kansas City this morning. The disturbance was still alive with a weak circulation just east of Salina, KS.  Thunderstorms formed over Kansas City early this morning and over 3″ of rain have fallen over parts of Jackson county, near Blue Springs Missouri.  This area has been very dry, but not any more. That was a lot of rain, and it was still adding up with more thunderstorms generating as the sun was about to rise.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 4.25.44 AM

Let us know how much rain you received, and I will add in the totals here:

  • Lee’s Summit, MO: 3.47″
  • Olathe, KS:  1.74″
  • Overland Park, KS:  1.00″
  • KCI Airport:  0.56″

Memorial Day Weekend Forecast:

  • There is still a chance of lingering showers and thunderstorms today.  Then, the rest of the holiday weekend looks to be mostly sunny with only a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm all weekend.  High in the upper 80s today, then lower 90s on Saturday, Sunday, and Memorial Day.  Get that sunscreen ready!

The Tropics:

Continental US - Shortwave Window - IR

The first thing you should look for to find out if there will be a tropical storm developing is the amount of thunderstorms near the center of low level circulation.  Last night, thunderstorms, convection, intensified right near where there is a broad surface circulation. These thunderstorms release a lot of heat through the condensation process. When there is condensation latent heat is released, and this was happening big time early this morning. This will likely ignite more organization from this system. The water is still a bit cool as it is only May, but conditions are becoming favorable for development.  This next map shows the more organized circulation, likely Tropical Storm Alberto by early Sunday morning.  It is approaching the southeast coast, almost in the exact spot we forecasted this to be in late May months ago.  This part of the pattern will cycle back through two more times during hurricane season in mid-July and late August or early September.  We are forecasting a strong to major hurricane in one or both of these next two cycles. This is near the middle of the forecast hot spot for tropical storm season we issued months ago.


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Another Warm Spring Day: Any Thunderstorms?

Good morning,

I will get to KC’s chance of thunderstorms in a minute, but let’s start with the developments in the tropics.  A tropical system is forming along the coastal region of the south Yucatan Peninsula today. This will likely become the first Tropical Depression of the season, and then Tropical Storm Alberto will likely form Friday or Saturday as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico.  This system was forecast by Weather2020 to develop near the end of May back in January when I spoke at the big AMS conference in Austin, TX.  Using the LRC, this prediction was made and it is verifying, like the majority of the predictions made this year.  So, where will this system track? Is the water warm enough to support significant intensification? The answer to the first question was answered months ago. It will track to between New Orleans and the west coast of Florida.

NHC Day 5 Day Potential Alberto

This 5-day forecast from the NHC was forecast by Weather2020 in January. And, the thunderstorms are really growing this morning.  This system will likely form into a named storm by the weekend.

Alberto_Prestorm_Sat May 24

Look closely at this satellite picture, and you can see some disturbances over Kansas and Missouri.  There will be a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and evening near KC, with the better chance arriving on Friday.  The trend on the models is for Fridays chance of thunderstorms to be below 50%.  Let’s see how the models come in today.  The rest of the weekend looks great with low chances of rain Saturday through Memorial Day.

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The Tropics May Be Acting Up Early

Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern is now fairly calm across the United States.  For storm chasers this has been about as quiet of a year that I can remember, but it isn’t over yet. The pattern continues to cycle as described by the LRC and we are expecting two more active stretches of days before summer settles in. These are due in late this month into the first few days of June, and then around mid-June. The jet stream will continue to weaken and eventually summer will take over ending traditional tornado season.

While the weather pattern has calmed down, it is beginning to show signs of developing a tropical storm before the beginning of traditional hurricane season on June 1.  One part of the cycling pattern that we are forecasting to develop tropical activity is arriving in this next week, and right on schedule there is a system to monitor closely.


Thunderstorms were beginning to get a bit more organized over the Caribbean Sea.  This has been a target area for development and a track towards the north since October by applying the LRC.  The most likely track will be north making landfall between New Orleans and Tampa Florida.  Let’s see how this develops.  The Weather2020 forecast from 50 to 200 days before, by using the LRC, is better than the ones issued five days out from NHC or the SPC.  This is yet another example.  Hurricane season is likely about to emerge this week.


For Kansas City, we have another beautiful late spring day. We are now just four weeks from the first day of summer.  It has been a warm month of May, after a cold April.  These above average temperatures are continuing for a while. There is a chance of thunderstorms Thursday into Saturday, with the best chance expected around Friday morning.  There may be a complex of thunderstorms moving our way from the northwest Thursday night. Let’s see how this sets up tomorrow.

Have a great day and thank you for sharing with us on the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Go over to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation and we can discuss the latest model trends on this potential early tropical storm. It would be named Alberto.