No Tornadoes In Oklahoma Or Kansas In 2018

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We will discuss another incredible record that is about to be broken later this week on this rainy Sunday morning. But, first, take a look at radar:

Kansas City is on the northern edge of the comma head of this storm. The storm ended up falling right into place southeast of Kansas City, and the . . . → Read More: No Tornadoes In Oklahoma Or Kansas In 2018

Complex Saturday Storm System, No Snow Though


Good Saturday bloggers,

This is the first weekend blog I have written this month where snow is not in the forecast. Now, there is a storm system and rain is likely. It is a complex system as our area is on the eastern and northern edge of the storm system.

An upper level low has been tracking east . . . → Read More: Complex Saturday Storm System, No Snow Though

Some Big Changes Are Showing Up


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The sun is shining on this Friday morning.  A storm system is approaching. And, the jet stream is showing a major shift to the north in the next few days. This northward shift would finally get winter to move out! It has been a long and cold April so far for many of us, . . . → Read More: Some Big Changes Are Showing Up

The Next Big Severe Weather Risk


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Surviving The Storm is on 41 Action News at 6:30 PM tonight:  We will discuss the dates when severe weather will set up, the spring forecast, new radar technology & much more! You can watch it streaming on KSHB.com

It has been one wild month of April.  The jet stream is showing signs of weakening . . . → Read More: The Next Big Severe Weather Risk

The Next Storm May Be Dry In KC Too

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Good morning bloggers,

Another snowstorm is tracking across South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa today, clipping northeastern Nebraska. This is a rather strong, but smaller scale storm system that is tracking rather rapidly to the east.  Here is the radar image from 7:45 AM this morning:

As this system spins into the Great Lakes states today, the next storm . . . → Read More: The Next Storm May Be Dry In KC Too

A Dry Storm For KC


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This wild April continues! I hope everyone is having a great start to this Tuesday.  As we go about our busy days, we have this storm to track. It is a dry storm for Kansas City, but anything but dry for areas just around a half state to the north.  Take a look at this . . . → Read More: A Dry Storm For KC

Record Breaking Cold April


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The wild April weather ride continues.  Take a look at these past 8 days.

The past 8 days in Kansas City:

Sunday, April 8:  High of 38° with 0.8″ of snow. Huge snowflakes!
Monday, April 9:  High of 42°
Tuesday, April 10:  High of 61°
Wednesday, April 11:  High of 80°
Thursday, April 12:  High of 82°
Friday, April 13:  High . . . → Read More: Record Breaking Cold April

Snow On Three Straight Sundays In April


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Were you up early like me on this Sunday morning. Here it is 4:30 AM and it is snowing. It is snowing enough to turn everything white outside and it is the third Sunday in a row with snow: April 1st, 8th, and 15th!  Without even checking records, I know this has never happened . . . → Read More: Snow On Three Straight Sundays In April

Crazy April Weather


Good Saturday bloggers,

We have been tracking a large storm system across the middle part of the USA that has brought severe weather and a blizzard. This is the storm we have been targeting for weeks, using the LRC. It is the reason we chose April 13-17 for severe weather to occur from the eastern Plains to . . . → Read More: Crazy April Weather

Severe Thunderstorm Risk Today

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3:30 PM Update:

Tornado Watch!

A tornado watch was issued, and is in effect until 9 PM.  Let’s track this area of thunderstorms that formed early.  Will there be more development later?

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Good morning bloggers,

There is a risk of severe thunderstorms today. We always have to pay close attention to these risks. Tornadoes kill, and it is . . . → Read More: Severe Thunderstorm Risk Today