Sleet, Freezing Rain, or Snow Tonight?


Good Morning Bloggers,

We had a nice precipitation event yesterday with over 1″ liquid accumulation in the KC metro area. Lee’s Summit, MO recorded 1.20″, while KCI Airport had 0.85″. We are now moving into fourth cycle of this years cycling weather pattern. It was wet in the first cycle and it is certainly “trying” to be . . . → Read More: Sleet, Freezing Rain, or Snow Tonight?

Ice Storm Warning Today

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 5.34.51 AM

Good Morning Bloggers,

An ICE STORM WARNING has been placed over the KC metro area this morning:

6:25 AM Radar:

This is a rather significant area of freezing rain and it is heading directly towards KC early this morning. A line of thunderstorms is on the leading edge, an unusual line of heavy thunderstorms considering it is below freezing . . . → Read More: Ice Storm Warning Today

A Trend Towards A More Significant Icing Risk


Good evening bloggers,

There has been a trend towards two things:  Colder and wetter near KC.  This is an ice forecast that just came out from our in-house computer model. It lines up a bit with the Euro and NAM models.  I am on the air now, so I will update the blog with the new data . . . → Read More: A Trend Towards A More Significant Icing Risk

A Rather Dramatic Front Is Drifting Southeast

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.44.43 AM

Good morning bloggers,

The day begins with a rather fascinating weather pattern across the United States. Kansas City will, once again, likely going to miss any major winter storm systems this week. Last night on 41 Action News I described three to four storm systems that are lining up to affect KC. The most exciting weather will . . . → Read More: A Rather Dramatic Front Is Drifting Southeast

A Storm Approaches: Any Ice?


Good Sunday bloggers,

We are looking at an active weather pattern this week as we track a wet storm Monday-Tuesday, chance of light snow Thursday and a new wet system for Friday-Saturday. We are going to focus on this Monday-Tuesday wet storm as it it quite complex, for multiple reasons.

Let’s begin with a  look at how the cirrus . . . → Read More: A Storm Approaches: Any Ice?

Snow, Sleet, Rain, Sun, 50s all Today


Good Saturday bloggers,

A mix of snow, sleet and rain moved across the region with most snow north of I-70 and rain to the south. We had a few reports of snow on grassy surfaces in north KC. There were little to no slick spots as air temperatures were near to above freezing and pavement temperatures stayed above . . . → Read More: Snow, Sleet, Rain, Sun, 50s all Today

I”m Just The Same

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.58.26 PM

Good morning bloggers,

It actually snowed at just after midnight. Did anyone else see them? We had a few snow showers start producing snow, with a little mixture of sleet  and rain, but mostly snow at 12:05 AM. So, we went from a temperature of 60 degrees at 7 AM yesterday to snowflakes by midnight.

This weather pattern . . . → Read More: I”m Just The Same

“Sweaty” Roads & The Same Pattern Continues To Cycle


Good morning bloggers,

Let’s begin with an interesting phenomenon;  “sweaty” roads.  Warm and moist air is flowing north from the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and it has made it into Kansas City. It has caused the roads to become saturated. In fact all surfaces such as roads, parking lots, decks, driveways, and patios have gotten soaking . . . → Read More: “Sweaty” Roads & The Same Pattern Continues To Cycle

Where Is It Dry? Look At The Next 16 Days


Good morning bloggers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Warmer air is moving into the plains states with the Gulf of Mexico open and moisture being pulled northward.  The ground was “sweating” this morning as just a little increase in humidity has caused the cold ground to saturate and everything has gotten wet. Unfortunately the chance of rain will remain . . . → Read More: Where Is It Dry? Look At The Next 16 Days

Extreme Drought Is Expanding


Good morning bloggers,

We have been concerned this entire season that a drought would be expanding out towards Kansas City.  Droughts are either expanding or contracting. This one is definitely expanding out right now and we can hope that what happened last spring could happen again, and the drought would shrink as we move into April and . . . → Read More: Extreme Drought Is Expanding