Kansas City In A Snow Hole?


Good morning bloggers,

I am on my way to an agriculture conference in Manhattan, KS this morning. I am speaking at 9:30 AM, then heading back to work. So, it will be quite the long day. I will be thinking about the Oklahoma Sooners two point victory last night, the trade of Alex Smith to the Washington . . . → Read More: Kansas City In A Snow Hole?

Weather Extremes & A Super Bowl Sunday Arctic Air Watch

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.37.24 PM

Good morning bloggers,

This winter has been a fascinating season to watch unfold before our eyes.  It has featured rare snows across many southern cities to a growing drought centered around the Texas Panhandle.  The weather pattern is cycling according to our Cycling Pattern Hypothesis that was named by you, the bloggers, over 15 years ago as . . . → Read More: Weather Extremes & A Super Bowl Sunday Arctic Air Watch

It’s Not Quite Ground Hog Day Yet

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Good morning bloggers,

It’s not quite Ground Hog Day, but it is approaching. We are living through the “same pattern” over and over again. Is it any shock that we are still waiting for our first major winter storm? Is it any shock that Amarillo, TX continues to be rain and snow free for over 100 days . . . → Read More: It’s Not Quite Ground Hog Day Yet

Winter’s Reality Returns Tonight


Good Sunday bloggers,

We have seen some pretty decent weather the last few days, very unlike the end of January.  That all changes later today and tonight as a strong cold front and disturbance head our way from the north and northwest. Now, it will warm up Tuesday and Wednesday before more sustained cold settles in. Also, . . . → Read More: Winter’s Reality Returns Tonight

Two Chances of Snow


Good Saturday bloggers,

Friday the high was 59° with a peak wind gust at KCI of 49 mph! Today will be a few degrees cooler with winds 40 mph less, so we are looking at a very nice day.

This weather can’t last forever this time of year, no matter what the LRC has in store for us. . . . → Read More: Two Chances of Snow

A Friday Weather Synopsis


It’s Friday bloggers,

I will be live at Kansas City Royals Fanfest today at 4, 5, 6, and 6:30 during our newscasts.  I hope to see everyone there. Come up and say hello. We can talk about weather and sports.  Then, I am there again manning our booth with Sunny the Weather Dog on Saturday from 11 . . . → Read More: A Friday Weather Synopsis

Looking At The Cycling Pattern

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Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern continues to cycle regularly, so what is next. We know! The pattern in late October moving into November, that we experienced in the first cycle of this years pattern, has returned. So, we know what the pattern will likely look like, and the models are coming into line as you can . . . → Read More: Looking At The Cycling Pattern

Six Snowfalls In The Last Month In Kansas City


Good morning bloggers,

What did I say last night on 41Action News?  I said that Arctic air has retreated north, but it is very, very cold up in Canada and it will blast down a few more times this season between now and early March, and this has to end up helping set the stage for that . . . → Read More: Six Snowfalls In The Last Month In Kansas City

Thunderstorms and Snowflakes On January 22nd


Good morning bloggers,

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

Today:  Cloudy with some rain and snow showers! Temperature in the 30s, staying just above freezing all day.
Tonight: Rain changing to snow and ending. A dusting to 1/2″ is possible. Windy and cold. Low: 20s  Some black ice may be a sneaky problem.
Tuesday:  Mostly sunny with a high of 39°

Sometimes we . . . → Read More: Thunderstorms and Snowflakes On January 22nd

Amarillo, TX: 100 Days With No Rain Or Snow


Good morning bloggers,

While we sit here in KC and are getting just enough winter weather to satisfy some of us weather enthusiasts, we must think about what is going on not that far away. There are parts of the plains states that are reaching historic levels of dryness for a winter season:

It has not rained or . . . → Read More: Amarillo, TX: 100 Days With No Rain Or Snow