A Look Into The 4th of July Holiday Weekend Forecast


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Whew, what a few days across the plains states.  A wet summer pattern has set up and it isn’t ending anytime real soon. There is another storm system that is cycling through that fits our Cycling Pattern Hypothesis well.  This next system is due in early next week and we will take a look . . . → Read More: A Look Into The 4th of July Holiday Weekend Forecast

Monitoring Radar Closely

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.19.11 PM

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It may have calmed down for now, but could thunderstorms fire back up? It was only in the 60s at noon. The big question now is will the atmosphere recover, warm up? The days are longest right now, so there is time.

Take a look at this radar:

That thin line near Wichita, KS was caused . . . → Read More: Monitoring Radar Closely

A Stormy Summer Morning

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.21.32 AM

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It is a stormy summer morning in Kansas City. A line of thunderstorms was moving across the KC metro area between 6:30 and 8 AM as an organized complex of thunderstorms developed early this morning.  This radar image below shows the IT heavy thunderstorms that is followed by steady rain. There has been a . . . → Read More: A Stormy Summer Morning

Active Severe Weather Days


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This afternoon has been quite active with severe weather in Iowa as a weak front moves east and there is just enough shear with high dew points to create quite a day of weather.   There have been several tornado reports as of 5:30 PM.

There is a Tornado Watch until 10 PM for . . . → Read More: Active Severe Weather Days

Total Eclipse Weather Forecast: 55-Days Out


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The weather pattern is setting up for some interesting weather across the plains in this next week. We will go over the set-ups in just a second. Let’s begin with our long rang weather forecast issued 55 days before the total eclipse of the sun that will be experienced in north Kansas City. . . . → Read More: Total Eclipse Weather Forecast: 55-Days Out

Summer Severe Weather Risks North Or South?

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 6.41.12 AM

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Each day in the blog we will be going over the national picture, the Kansas City picture, and when appropriate in helping with the forecast dicsussion we will discuss the cycling weather pattern.  The pattern cycling through later this week is definitely one of those appropriate times as the part of the pattern that . . . → Read More: Summer Severe Weather Risks North Or South?

A Record Breaker Today


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Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

Today:  Periods of clouds with a few showers or possibly a thunderstorm.  The chance of rain is 60%.  High: 74°
Tonight:  Clearing out and mild. Low:  56°
Tuesday:  Mostly sunny. High:  81°

Let’s begin with this look at “Pond Effect” clouds that Sunny The Weather Dog is showing quite well this morning.  Temperatures dropped . . . → Read More: A Record Breaker Today

One Day at a Time


Good Sunday bloggers,

The forecast the next several days is not easy and it will be wise on our part to take the forecast one day at a time.  Let’s start with today.

SUNDAY: It has started with 100% sunshine, but clouds will increase as weak disturbances come in from the northwest.  There may be a few showers . . . → Read More: One Day at a Time

Great Weekend Weather, then Changes


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We will go into Kansas City’s weather and then discuss the cycling pattern. It has been quite the week as Gary and the Weather2020 team were present at the recent AMS Broadcast conference that was held here in Kansas City. Amazingly, half of our peers in attendance had never been to KC before. We . . . → Read More: Great Weekend Weather, then Changes

The Cycling Weather Pattern Presentation


Good morning weather bloggers & Weather2020.com bloggers,

The blogs have been combined and the process is almost complete. Sometime next week we will likely be opening up the comments on the Action Weather Blog on KSHB.com. The comments will stay open on Weather2020.com as well, but I can imagine most of the bloggers will be coming to . . . → Read More: The Cycling Weather Pattern Presentation