Weather Forecast Thoughts On Thunderstorm Chances


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Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

Now through 9 PM: Dry with a 0% chance of any thunderstorms. High: 84°
9 PM to midnight: Thunderstorms developing west will be monitored closely as they go through various transitions in organization. The chance of a thunderstorm increases to 50% by midnight.
Midnight to 6 AM: The cold front moves through with . . . → Read More: Weather Forecast Thoughts On Thunderstorm Chances

Complex Weather Pattern


Good Tuesday,

We are tracking several weather features the next 4-5 days.  The chance of thunderstorms, heavy rain and severe weather depends on the timing and placement of these features.  So, let’s go through this crazy weather.

First, we have had showers and thunderstorms across Nebraska and Iowa as a cold front is moving east up there.  Some . . . → Read More: Complex Weather Pattern

Where Will Severe Weather Threaten This Week

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.09.44 AM

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We hope you had a great Easter weekend.  The weather is rather calm as we wake up this Monday morning. The risk of stronger thunderstorms may arrive this week, but there are still many questions. Let’s take a look at this weeks set ups. But, first todays weather time-line in Kansas City:

Now through 5 . . . → Read More: Where Will Severe Weather Threaten This Week

Several Chances of Rain and Thunderstorms


Happy Easter,

We had another round of rain and thunderstorms last night with amounts ranging from .25″ north to around 1.25″ south, give or take .20″.  This was along a cold front that is now moving towards I-44.

WEATHER TRACK RADAR 1 AM SUNDAY: You can see the heaviest rain occurred from Downtown KC south and west.


2017 RAINFALL: . . . → Read More: Several Chances of Rain and Thunderstorms

T-Storms Likely Tonight


Good Saturday,

We are tracking several rain chances the next seven days.  We will focus on the weekend thunderstorm chances.  The first chance is tonight after 8 PM, so if you are headed to the “K” keep an eye to the sky.  The rain chances end 3-5 AM, so it looks dry for Easter, but there may . . . → Read More: T-Storms Likely Tonight

Dry for another day, then some rain Friday


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Most of the nation is having a rather quiet day on this April 13th. There are three main features we are tracking.

Morning cold rain in Chicago

A disturbance tracking northeast across the southern plains
Another storm out west
Here is the radar image as of 7:40 AM:

Lake Tahoe is getting more snow today. It has been an . . . → Read More: Dry for another day, then some rain Friday

Rain Enters The Forecast


Good Wednesday morning bloggers,

The chance of rain will begin going up after a few dry days. We were way below average going into the last week of March and now we are an inch and a half above average:


The chance of rain is still low on Wednesday, and just 20% on Thursday. The best chance is . . . → Read More: Rain Enters The Forecast

The Royals Home Opener Forecast

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.38.01 AM

Good morning bloggers,

An area of snow is spreading across Nebraska and South Dakota this morning as a clipper-like system is tracking across the plains into the Great Lakes states this morning. Here is the radar as of 7:45 AM this morning:

This afternoon, the surface storm associated with this wave will be tracking into the Chicago, IL . . . → Read More: The Royals Home Opener Forecast

Sunday Evening Severe Weather?


Good Sunday,

Today will be mostly cloudy, dry and windy with highs 75°-80°.  Then, after 6 PM we will be watching the radar closely as there will be a chance for a few thunderstorms.  If they form, they  could be severe with large hail and damaging winds the main threat.  There are two main factors that could . . . → Read More: Sunday Evening Severe Weather?

A Super Saturday


Good Saturday,

The weather has been improving on a daily basis since Wednesday and today will be the warmest day since March 23rd.  We have some really nice weekend weather ahead, but there is also a chance of thunderstorms.  So, lets go through the weather today into Monday.  There is an important baseball game on Monday and . . . → Read More: A Super Saturday