Happy Easter Sunday Forecast

Good morning bloggers,

We get to enjoy a great Easter Sunday with highs in the 60s and light winds. By this evening a cold front will be approaching and moving through overnight.  Here is the 7 PM surface forecast showing the front just north of Kansas City this evening:

There is a chance that some snow will fall . . . → Read More: Happy Easter Sunday Forecast

Passing thunderstorms at times today

Good Morning,

    A weak cold front is approaching the area today.  We’ve already had a round of thunderstorms this morning.  They were really hit or miss.  Some backyards got .30″ of an inch of rain, others a trace or less.  There is another chance for some scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, as you can see . . . → Read More: Passing thunderstorms at times today

Great weather forecast!

Good morning, It’s GOOD FRIDAY!

The weekend weather forecast includes an Easter Sunday with a high of 70 degrees.  There will be a weak cold front moving through Saturday night, but it will weaken and southwest winds will return allowing for the nice Easter Sunday.

Weather Timeline:

Today:  Mostly sunny with a southeast to east breeze at 5-15 mph. . . . → Read More: Great weather forecast!

Warming Trend Gets Stronger

Good morning bloggers,

It may reach 60 degrees today, and it will likely go into the 60s Friday and Saturday before our next cold front approaches. April is approaching, but just as we get to April Fools Day a very strong cold front is likely going to blast through.  Yesterday I showed this upper level forecast map:


There . . . → Read More: Warming Trend Gets Stronger

Snow moves into Monday’s Forecast…and that is no April Fools Joke!

Good afternoon bloggers,

Is it really going to snow on April 1st, well it’s just five days away and there is an interesting combination aloft with a very strong early April cold front arriving Sunday night.  A strong storm will be dropping south across southern Canada and a jet stream will be trailing northwest into northern Canada. . . . → Read More: Snow moves into Monday’s Forecast…and that is no April Fools Joke!

Gradual Warming Trend

Good morning bloggers,

I experienced something I did not think I would ever experience this morning. The pond froze overnight on March 27th!  With light winds and such a long stretch of cold the water was cold enough to freeze early this morning.

The gradual warming trend will begin today with highs reaching into the 40s. There is . . . → Read More: Gradual Warming Trend

Is that the sun?

Good morning bloggers,

The weather is calming down just a bit, but an active April is in the forecast.  If the wet storm systems are consistent in April and May the drought will be declared over for Kansas City, but technically we are still in a moderate drought at this point with a long way to go . . . → Read More: Is that the sun?

31+ Wild Days In Kansas City

Good morning bloggers,

A few snow flurries or snow showers are expected today (it was snowing when I woke up early this morning).  Here is today’s Weather Timeline:

This morning:  Cloudy with a few snowflakes falling from flurries and snow showers. Windy & cold with wind chills in the single digits
This afternoon:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of . . . → Read More: 31+ Wild Days In Kansas City

Morning Update & Snowfall Totals

Good morning bloggers,

Snowfall totals:

Louisburg, KS:  9.0″
Greenwood, MO:  8.3″
Overland Park, KS:  8.2″
KSHB-TV:  8.0″
Prairie Village, KS:   7.5″
McLouth, KS:  7.0″
Lawrence, KS:  6.2″
Leavenworth, KS:  5.5″

I saw lightning and heard thunder around 5 AM while I was walking Breezy & Stormy on the Plaza. The snow was coming down so hard. We are now up to 7 inches of snow . . . → Read More: Morning Update & Snowfall Totals

Winter Storm Part 2 Begins Now

Good early morning bloggers,

Part 1 of this major winter storm produced an early 1 to 3 inches of snow. Part 2 of this major winter storm has started at 1 AM and this is the main part of the storm system where most of our accumulations will come from. Radar echoes have again just expanded over Kansas City . . . → Read More: Winter Storm Part 2 Begins Now