Heavier bands of snow are now forming at 11 PM

Good late night/early morning bloggers,

The temperatures have continued to hover above freezing while the snowfall rates have increased during the past hour. We have some reports of over an inch already near Lee’s Summit and Greenwood, MO.  Temperatures should drop to near or just below freezing and this is when the roads should quickly become coated . . . → Read More: Heavier bands of snow are now forming at 11 PM

Here it comes

Good evening bloggers,

A major winter storm is about to begin and the radar echoes are doing something unusual. Take a look at this radar image from 7:45 PM:



The radar echoes are moving in from the southeast and this area 0f snow is growing and becoming heavy. New data is rolling in and I may adjust this . . . → Read More: Here it comes


Good afternoon bloggers,

Snow is already spreading in from the south. Let us know what you are experiencing, and welcome back to the blog!

Weather Forecast Timeline:

Now until 6 PM:  Sleet and snow spreading in from the south and roads becoming wet with temperatures dropping to near 32°
6 PM to Midnight: Snow becoming heavy at times. Thunderstorms with . . . → Read More: WINTER STORM WARNING!

Winter Storm Warning Tonight-Tuesday

Good morning bloggers,

The blog continues to have major traffic issues with so many people coming into the site. We are still working on this problem and I will do everything I can possibly do to get this fixed.  Thank you for your patience.

The National Weather Service has us in a Winter Storm Warning that will kick in tonight. . . . → Read More: Winter Storm Warning Tonight-Tuesday