The blog may very well be working

Hey bloggers,

I so much apologize for this blog going down today, of all days. It is likely a result of too much traffic. I will try to find out what the root of the problem was, but you bloggers have been just tremendous in the past week. We are truly making this a great place to . . . → Read More: The blog may very well be working

blog update test

Good evening bloggers,

The blog is up and down and we are working on the problem. This is my first chance in hours to even try to post anything. Go to the weather 2020 blog, http://www.weather2020.com/another-storm-targets-middle-america/, if we continue to have problems.

I will work on a new blog soon.


The Next Winter Storm

Good Saturday morning bloggers,

Overnight there was a clear sky, light wind and a fresh 8-13″ snowpack.  This is ideal conditions for radiational cooling.  At 7 AM KCI dropped to 2° with a wind chill of -12°!  This is the coldest morning of the last two winters!

We will see full sunshine today and this should get temperatures . . . → Read More: The Next Winter Storm