Autumn begins Sunday

Good morning bloggers,

We have a cloudy start to the week after a night of rain showers and sprinkles. Yes, an area of rain moved across overnight and you would barely have known. There are a few wet spots on the pavement this morning after five hours of rain produced around 0.05″ of rain.  The heaviest downpours moved across just as the Cowboys were kicking off to the Chiefs yesterday.  And, now we are left with an overcast sky and we can look ahead to our next chance of rain tonight.


High pressure is expanding over the northeastern states. This high pressure area will continue to influence the northeast through Thursday night. This is very important because the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs play in Philadelphia Thursday night and the game will be on 41 Action News!  We have a special beginning at 6 PM Thursday as Andy Reid goes back to Philly. The weather looks great for that game.  Around this large surface high will be a return to southerly flow by Tuesday night in Kansas City. A warm front will return north and wash out. As this happens there will be a chance of thunderstorms tonight into Tuesday.

We will go over the details on 41 Action News today and tonight.  Yesterday’s experience at Arrowhead was unlike any in many years. Not only did the Chiefs win, but the entire fan experience was tremendously enhanced by a new system that has been put in place. I love that they started introducing the starters before the game and have them come out. The “Patriot Way” is no longer in effect!!!  Go Chiefs!  And, it helped that we got to celebrate and enjoy leads during the game (7-0 and 14-13).

Have a great start to the week.


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24 comments to Autumn begins Sunday

  • sedsinkc

    Had a heavy thunderstorm last night around midnight. Rain gauge had 0.71″ in it this morning. Two day total 0.83″ here in KC North.

    • That’s awesome. I haven’t experienced a heavy thunderstorm in many weeks/months on the south side of the city. Hopefully it comes together tonight. We will be monitoring it closely.


  • frigate

    .43 here in SW Grain Valley, MO. Not bad…I’ll take it…looking at CoCORahs reports from around the area, many areas got more than that so Gary, must have been your turn with the rain splitting around you. Hoping for more tonight and through the week, maybe the pattern is changing???

    • The pattern is changing, but it is still mostly the old pattern and we just haven’t been able to break the ice. Maybe the thunderstorms will get organized tonight. I am not sure yet.

  • j-ox

    .9″ in NW Lawrence. Praying for more…

  • Theo

    Best chances for rain in months. Hope it pans out. 2-day total in south OP .07 inches.

  • yewtrees

    “five hours of rain produced around 0.05″

    That is pathetic!!!

  • sedsinkc

    Boulder, Colorado has had 30.13″ of rain in 2013, a new record for any year. This is 7.40″ more than Kansas City has had this year.

  • MikeL

    We finally had a nice rain here in SW Topeka. I had 1.20″ in my rain gauge this morning.

  • mukustink

    Gary I had .2369873098999 in the Most Accurate Rain Gauge in Kansas City! Need more rain please! Gary were you effected by the no purse or hand bag policy? :) Have a great week.

  • augisdad

    2.26″ in Kearney the last 2 days so far (.32″ since midnite and 1.94″ yesterday). We had several downpours last night. At one point, it was coming down at the rate of 7.58″ per hr. (See KMOKEARN3 @ Wunderground.com).

  • sedsinkc

    Interactive map from NWS Denver/Boulder showing 7 day precipitation totals along the Front Range: “http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bou/?n=preciptotals_multiday”

  • Brocksmama

    90˚ on Wednesday???? Seriously???? That is just depressing… :-( I am ready for fall temps to stick around for awhile.. no more 90’s!!!!!!!!!

    • mowermike

      80-90 degree days here and there are good through the rest of the month and some in October. This helps keep soil temps warm enough and long enough to keep seed germinating at a desired rate through October. Let’s just hope we can squeeze out 1-2 inches of rain this week and have some rains in and out through the remainder of the growing season.

      Royals must go 6-0 this week to have a chance for the playoffs in the last week of the season next week.

      • mukustink

        Yep with the soil temps.Lets hope we don’t get 2 inches in one shot! Would have been nice to have that wet August you were forecasting! How’s the mowing going?

        Royals won’t make it but maybe next year FSKC will cover the team till the end. Cardinals are always covered till the end and they have an extra channel for the Blues. Man KC just sucks!

  • yewtrees

    Today’s high is a bust!!!

    NWS: Temperatures will be a challenge due to the precipitation,
    considerable cloud cover battling the encroachment of warmer air
    being funneled in by southerly winds in the wake of a developing
    warm front which will lift northeast through the CWA….For the next 24 hours, NAM/GFS/ECMWF are in good agreement on favoring the northern half of the CWA with the highest PoPs and qpf through Tuesday. See no reason to disagree.

  • Drought Miser

    Gary say 1000 year flood in Colorado but here in KC we still struggle to get rain and nice and cool for the game tonight Computer shows overnight T-storms but confident is low I think its a matter of breaking the ice I think we have so just a matter of waiting on that low level jet to evolve and we are good no mo Drought and all grass green!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Since last night 1.70″ up here at Granada, Ks.

  • Dobber

    Gary. The forecast I can pull up on your app tonight is lame. Please fix this

  • ksloco

    so when are the “major” changes coming? Let me guess? 7 to 12 days out? Three or more 7 to 12 will get us deep into october and then we can discuss…..temp changes?