1,395 Days Since Kansas City Had 3 Inches Of Snow On One Calendar Date

Good morning bloggers,

My internet was out early this morning, so this will be a quick blog entry.  The dry weather pattern continues and it is addressed in our winter forecast.  Here is a recap of Kansas City’s winter forecast:

  • We are forecasting a drier winter with below average liquid equivalent precipitation
  • We are forecasting near to above average snowfall with my prediction of 21.5″ and our weather team at 41 Action News predicting 18.1″
  • We are predicting temperatures to come in below average, so a colder than average winter is in our forecast

How long has it been since our last date with even just 3″ of snow at KCI Airport?  1,395 days! It was February 4, 2014

DSCN1130 (1)

This picture is from that last date with over 3″ of snow. 7.5″ was officially recorded at KCI Airport on February 4, 2014. This was Stormy back then. She lived to almost 15 years old and Stormy loved the snow.  Sunny is my new dog, and she is 2 1/2 years old. Since she has been alive she has only experienced 2″ or less in any one storm system. My goodness.

A colder weather pattern is setting up in the next two weeks, but it still looks dry. I will go much more in-depth in tomorrows blog and on 41 Action News tonight.  Have a great day and thank you for sharing in this Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the cycling weather pattern.


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