101 Degrees In St. Louis & A Thought On Global Warming

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I am in Boston for some training on our MAX computers at KSHB-TV.  It was a long 8 hours of training yesterday, and it continues today.  They are really working us hard.  It is like being in college, a lot to take in.  The weather here in Boston was wet yesterday morning with heavy downpours.  The sun is shining brightly this morning.  It was shining brightly in St. Louis yesterday and they had no problem reaching an official high of 101 degrees. A swath of lower dew points, lower humidity, spread into eastern Missouri yesterday allowing for the huge jump to over 100, while the dew point in Kansas City was high in the middle 70s and once again KC didn’t even threaten 100. Will it jump up today?

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.06.18 AM

As you can see, it officially did reach 101 in St. Louis. Today, there is a chance of the temperature jumping higher in KC


You are looking at the surface forecast map for this afternoon on this map above.  This is the type of set up that I would forecast a major run at 100 degrees near KC, but with the dew points continuing so high I doubt it will go past 96 or 97 degrees. It will be another interesting day to track the temperatures south of that front that you can see by looking at the big kink in the isobars stretching from southeast Colorado to southwest Iowa.  Where I am at, in the Boston area, it appears there will be a few afternoon and evening thunderstorms.te

What is your take on this statement I just read in USA Today?  “Today, 127 million Americans live where ragweed and ozone can threaten their next breath” said Kim Knowlton, senior scientist at the council, who oversaw the project. “This health threat will just get worse if we don’t curb climate change soon”.

WHAT? As if we can stop climate change? This is where my thoughts go on this subject. Now, I am a firm believer that this current “Global Warming” is caused by the industrial revolution of the last century. The facts back it up 100% in my opinion.  But, can we really do much about it today, tomorrow? Maybe over a 50 year period? And, there will still be natural changes in the energy from the sun and other forcing mechanisms, but these changes are over 100 to 500 year long periods.  So my biggest point today, is scaring people with these statements that Kim said above seems ridiculous. It’s as if she is saying, do not step outside as you could take your last breath due to ragweed and ozone. Ridiculous. Oh, it isn’t great to deal with allergies, if you have them. I used to be affected big time for around a two week stretch in May each year, but I haven’t had a problem in years.  I am all for ramping up the use of clean energy. This can only help in the decades ahead of us. But, there are so many uncertainties to this date that leave many questions. We just don’t really know what the impact will be 100 years from now.  And, to make statements as if it is extremely dangerous to go outside and breath are a bit of a stretch. One of the worst cities is Washington D.C, and in this article they make it sound like it is getting worse every second, “wrong headed policy threatens to make climate and pollution problems worse by the day”.  Thoughts? And, most of the discussion has been on the Weather2020 blog if you want to let us know what you think?  Again, climate change is real. The earth is warming now. The facts are that this warming is likely manmade. But, it has still only warmed around 1.5 degrees in 100 years. It isn’t as fast as the models have predicted, but certainly something to monitor.

The big dome is still forecast to develop next week.  How does it not inch closer to 100 degrees with that set up?  Well, it has been almost four straight years. We will be testing it today and then again next week. In the mean time, there will be a chance of thunderstorms developing near a weak front on Thursday near KC.  We will look into that set up on 41 Action News and in tomorrows blog. Have a great day and thank you for sharing in this weather experience.


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    I came here to get away from the global warming traffic on weather2020.
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