0.42″ In Two Weeks

Good morning bloggers,

I am back in KC and the weather pattern continues to be the same one that set up last October.  Some subtle differences may begin to show up, however, as the new LRC is just 8 weeks away from beginning.  The jet stream has reached its weakest average strength and farthest north position, and it will begin strengthening as fall approaches.  Unfortunately, we are still in the same pattern that set up last October, and the same things continue to happen over and over again.  I titled the blog 0.42″ in two weeks, because that is how much rain was in my rain gauge after two weeks away.  Hawaii was fantastic, relaxing, and fun. And, Hurricane Hector passed by south of the islands and the surf was up.


Take a look at these surfers navigating the higher surf, one of them in the air as I snapped this picture.  We experienced many rainbows too.


Now, back to our weather. Take a look at the rainfall total from the latest HRRR that just came out. This is the rainfall total ending at 10 AM Tuesday:


There is an upper level storm approaching. And, you can see it in the swirl of forecast rainfall totals over Kansas, west of KC.  But, look at the low totals near KC.  Are we really going to try to have to explain how many areas got missed again? There is an increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms later today, and I am hoping this latest HRRR forecast model is just wrong.

Have a great day. Let me get back into the swing of things, and we will look deeper into this pattern tonight on 41 Action News, and in the blogs this week.  I am relaxed, ready to get back to work, and hopefully not be frustrated by this pattern. We need more rain, but it won’t be shocking if it misses many areas once again.


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1 comment to 0.42″ In Two Weeks

  • Richard

    So, today, all of my comments are being deleted by Gary on 2020 and I am not told why.
    The first was a reply to a blogger about Doug Heady.
    Next was asking if Gary still expects hurricane to hit FL on Sept 1
    3 of them consisted of the question asking why my commemts are being deleted.
    All were deleted
    I have taken screen shots of all. As I will with this one.
    This one is kshb blog. Not 2020 team blog.
    I have not trolled. I have not been rude. I have asked honest questions.
    Gary has singled me out today for some reason. And will not tell me why.

    We need rain. I hope we get it.